Trying to Finish Every Final Fantasy Installment…

July 19, 2007

I set a goal for myself a few years to try and finish every Final Fantasy game (at least the ones in the main series). I’ve got most of em down, but still have a few to go.

Here’s my progress so far:

Final Fantasy I – Beaten many many times, I have the game memorized. I need to play the modified GBA version one of these days.

Final Fantasy II – Completed on my PocketPC via emulator.

Final Fantasy III – Completed NES version on emulator, also just finishing on the DS.

Final Fantasy IV – Beaten many times on SNES as Final Fantasy II, will definitely play when it’s released on the DS!

Final Fantasy V – Beaten on emulator more than once.

Final Fantasy VI – Played many times on SNES/Emulator. Finally beat not too long ago.

Final Fantasy VII – Played the PC version many times, finally beat earlier this year. I actually started an epidemic at work and caused at least 5-6 people to play and beat the game!

Final Fantasy VIII – Only played partially on the PS1. I have the PC version and need to get to that one day.

Final Fantasy IX – Own the PS1 version, started it only briefly. Seems a bit odd, but I’ll have to get into it eventually.

Final Fantasy X – Played and beat. Great game! Can’t wait until they release it for a portable system, as I want to play it again, but don’t see myself playing it again in front of the TV. Maybe I’ll emulate it.

Final Fantasy X-2 – Bought this on a while back and never touched it! It’s too bad, because now my PS2 is modded with a hard drive and HD Loader, and I could have gotten around buying it! Also note that this replaces XI, because I will not be playing the MMORPG. That was a really stupid move to give it a number in the series. They should have just called it FF Online or something…

Final Fantasy XII – Got it on my PS2 HDD, although the movies skip :(. There’s a really complicated fix for this, so maybe one day I’ll figure that out before I play it.

As for future installments… it’ll probably be a while. I don’t see myself buying a PS3 anytime soon. Not at least until it’s hackable, Blu-Ray media becomes a hell of a lot cheaper, and it falls dramatically in price.

I will be most definitely be playing through Crystal Chronicles on the Wii – both the GC version and the upcoming Wii releases. We’ll see how much time I have, and maybe I’ll expand the list further.

I don’t see myself ever completing EVERY Final Fantasy game, because I could not bear sitting through the crap game that is Mystic Quest on the SNES. I cannot believe I wasted my money on that game as a kid. Whoever set that one up seriously should be shot. They took everything that Final Fantasy is, threw it out the window, then picked up everything that sucked about other RPGs and put it right in. And then they took it down a notch and made it suck even harder.

So that’s about it. Wish me luck!


Autotrader… for modded cars!

July 18, 2007

It’s just like autotrader (well, almost), but for modded cars. Who knew?