Introducing the Ruckus

This post is a little belated, but better late than never. I’m going to spend a few minutes recounting my Ruckus exploits for you thus far.

My girlfriend, Heather, inherited an ’86 Honda Spree from a friend of her mother. It’s a little 49cc scooter that goes about 30MPH.

While searching the Web about it, she came across the Honda Ruckus and showed it to me. Being early on a Saturday morning with nothing to do, I did a little research myself. I came across a local shop that was cutting one up for a project, as well as a forum dedicated to the Ruckus and its capabilities.

Aside from the fact that I’d always wanted some kind of a motorcycle and the fact that I liked the style, the gas mileage on the little guy was great. People were reporting 100MPG, and I was dissatisfied with my Integra’s recent unexplainable and unfixable drop to 25MPG or less. It also didn’t require that I spend a weekend going through a motorcycle safety course and getting an endorsement.

I had a few bucks put away, so I searched around a bit. Finding the right one locally was pretty tough. I found one that was white camo, but the ugliness, as well as the fact that it had apparently been dropped made me shy away from the $1500 investment.

I found one in South Florida, but while getting sick of waiting for more information from the seller, I used a site,, to search craigslist postings across the southeast. I found a 2003 Fighting Red Ruckus for $1200 in Savannah, GA. Within hours, I had contacted my friends, stopped by the bank, and we were on the road to Georgia to pick it up in their Honda Element.

We packed the baby in there tightly, and I rode in the back to make sure it didn’t rustle around and mess up their nice interior. We made it home late that evening plus one Ruckus.

Unfortunately, I only had a bill of sale and was unable to register it. I found that Monday that it had been previously registered, and because of that, I was only able to cruise around the block until I got that settled. In Georgia, you don’t have to register or tag a motor vehicle if it’s got a tiny 50cc or less motor.

But before I could even start putting real miles on it, another Ruckus came up…



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