And Another Ruckus

Not two weeks had went by, I still couldn’t ride the first Ruckus, and I had found another, even better deal on crazedlist.

This time, it was for the same Ruckus – color, year and even price! However, this one had a lowered seat frame, upgrade carbureator, ignition system and other things that added hundreds of dollars to its value. However, it was all the way up in Fayetteville, NC.

For the hell of it, I gave the guy a call. He told me that he was in the military, had the cash, bought it, played around with it, but gave up on tuning it. He’d moved on and wanted $1000 to buy a bike.  He went ahead and dropped $200 off the original asking price if I’d come and get it.

So I sat back and planned. The upcoming weekend was Heather’s birthday. She was sad that she wasn’t able to make it up to Savannah for the previous trip. She lived there when she was younger and would have liked to have a visit. We also decided that one of the Ruckuses could be hers for her birthday.

We decided to make a weekend out of it. We borrowed Heather’s dad’s truck went to Savannah for the Fourth of July. We spent the day walking the streets, taking pictures, visiting shops and watching fireworks. In the late evening, we crossed the border, stayed in a cheap hotel and were on our way.

We made it to Fayetteville early in the day to find the seller and try the Ruckus out. It didn’t run all that well, but it did run. From my readings, I had assumed that he just failed to learn how to tune the carb. $1000 later, it was loaded into the truck and we were on our way home.

Since we were driving 700+ miles that day, we didn’t have many stops. We did pick up some food and stopped in a WalMart for a taste of the local color. We picked up some Steven Segall energy drink which was the worst thing that I had ever tasted.

We also pulled off the road in South Carolina to snap a picture at Honda Way, which housed a Honda Plant that we saw on the way up. We snapped the pic below:

Exhausted, and fed up with the road system in Jacksonville, we returned home in the late evening. The next day, we celebrated Heather’s birthday with a cookout and scooter rally. Even though two of the three scooters weren’t technically legal in FL, we had fun cruising around the neighborhood, in the backyard and wherever we could. A friend of mine put the following vid together.

[I’ll post it when I find it].

I was finally able to register the two scoots the following week, and have been riding a Ruckus to work ever since. I’m now saving $6 per day on gas alone on the 26 mile trip (each way).

Unfortunately, Ruckus #2 has been quite problematic. I tried for a while to tune it, not knowing that the ignition system was installed badly. I ended up swapping out the motor, only to find recently that the wiring harness had been badly damaged – melted right through in some places.

The parts are on order, and we should be able to scoot together soon enough!


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