Looking for a drag strip? Look elsewhere…

This place blows - incompetence runs rampant!

This place completely sucks. I have went out two weeks in a row, hoping to be able to run my new car, but no. Due to their incompetence, that has been impossible.

Last Wednesday, there was a bit of rain, and after taking forever to prepare the track, they realized that there was an issue with the timing equipment. They wasted our time for another couple of hours, and finally let us go, with promise of a rain check. All in all, I spent almost four hours sitting around and had to drive 20+ miles there and about 40 home. At least there were some cool people to meet.

Then yesterday, no rain to start with, but YET AGAIN, problems with the damn timing equipment. Note that I even called the track’s office to confirm that the equipment was fixed, then this. We sat around for an hour or so, they even stopped letting people in. The ridiculous part is that they made no announcement regarding why we all had to stick around with our thumbs up our butts. Finally, after about an hour, they started to have people running.

They finally made an announcement about the problem after the first set of cars had run and bikes started. Unfortunately, we couldn’t hear a single word. Did they do this on purpose, or are they just that incompetent? It really seems like a toss-up between the two.

I was able to get one run in. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get traction at all and ran a 14.5 at about 100.5 MPH. I was beaten by a mustang, but with traction, he wold have been toast (lower MPH). After coming around again, they let a lot of guys run again, right off, but they cut it right as I came up, next to a couple of other Hondas. The dildo that was calling the cars had already admitted to me that he thought they shouldn’t let any non-domestic cars out at the track. What a real douchebag.

Eventually, the rain started coming down, just before I would have been able to run again. They failed to make an announcement, YET AGAIN, and eventually I left without being able to figure out whether we were being given rain checks or not. I believe that some of the people that were initially held up at the gate didn’t even get to run once…

I will call today, and believe me, I will be getting a free ticket out. They will not hear the end of it from me if they try to deny me this. Is it too much to ask for a couple of decent runs, and that it shouldn’t have to take weeks upon weeks to be able to have them?

Ridiculous. If they give me enough crap, I’m going to the papers…


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