I Just Love DealExtreme’s Silly Little Gadgets…

Sure, it may take two or so weeks to get anything from DealExtreme, but they’ve got some great, silly shit!

Today I came across this great little Wiimote Keychain Whistle. By itself, it’s already awesome, and at $3 shipped, even I (as cheap as I am) am considering picking it up. The best part though is the Chinglish description which includes the following: Can be used to ask for help in urgent situations and prevent perverts.

I received and finally tested out my Wireless Wii Sensor Bar last weekend. Worked great, and the thing is super tiny, so it fit in my Wii travel bag quite nicely. I set it up at work and we turned a boring Saturday into a hell of a day! I converted both a PS3 fanboi and a XBox 360 owner into Wii fans, as by the end of the day, they were both exclaiming how they had to buy a Wii and get me to mod it!

I may pick up a GameCube Memory Card SD Adapter next, as the price is just too low to refuse! I really need to find a reason though, as it is mainly used to dump games and I have other methods which are easier.

This Light Gun is pretty bad ass, and they even have one with a laser sight!

And why in the hell would someone need a Wii Car Power Adapter? How would you like someone swinging their arms around in the passenger seat while you’re trying to drive? And do you want to be on the road with a soccer mom trying to calm down her kids while flailing their bodies around like mini-retards?

OK, I could see the necessity in some very rare cases… Like when I was at the track this Wednesday waiting for them to fix the electronics. We sat there for hours… ugh! But in that case, I would have needed an LCD in the trunk, etc, and the kind of custom wiring would negate the necessity of this part… But that’s the spirit of DealExtreme – useless crap for cheap!

There are all kinds of other crazy Wii gadgets, such as boxing gloves, steering wheels, golf clubs, fishing poles, cooking utencils and all kinds of weapons. Check out the rest of them here.


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